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Predictor Ratings

The TurfTrax Predictor utilises over 30 form factors to produce a rating or score for each horse in each race.

The different scores are compared and the difference is illustrated in the bar chart.

All races are given a star rating from * to *****. The higher the star rating, the greater the confidence in the Predictor result.

***** races can score at a strike rate of over 40%

The Predictor Value Chart (click on Value in the race header) illustrates the difference in value between the TurfTrax Predictor price equivalent and the real betting market prices.

Within the Predictor Value page, the red and blue bars illustrate whether there is additional value in backing or laying a horse, and the length of the bar indicates the strength of the signal.

NB: One of the Predictor factors is 'value' which is obviously affected by price. In the event of a close run prediction, the order may change but only marginally It is not a large factor in the calculation.

Predictor forecasts are for information purposes only and are not guaranteed in any way. would like to remind all potential bettors of the responsibilities relating to betting and gambling.

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